Rudy Reflection

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Rudy Ruettiger, a Youngin that has one thing sitting on his mind FOOTBALL! In the movie Rudy , It starts off with the noise of a loud crowd. A noise that every Footballer would know when it touches their eardrums. The loud chanting of thousands of fans screaming out their Team name while holding colorful Posters and paint all over their faces. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is its sport related…Which it is! Rudy was raised in a small town in Joliet, Illinois. As the movie continues we can see Rudy and his brothers playing football together in the snow. Right off the bat, we see that Rudy isn 't your average Football player. He’s small and skinny and gets tackled at everyplay. Although he 's getting demolished, you can tell he has a big heart. His Older brother Frank gave him a hard time focusing on his dream. He constantly teased him and always found a way to bring him down. His other brother Johnny, was his nicer brother that made him feel more optimistic about himself and took down the pressure from Frank. As Rudy gets older, we see the challenges he must face and overcome them while still living in a world of negativity.
Rudy and his whole family is portrayed as the main protagonist in the movie. Throughout the film, Rudy struggles to deal with his family mostly his father. During a father-Son moment, Rudy’s father tries to convince rudy and take away his dreams of Playing football for Notre dame. With being neglected and unsupportive; Rudy keeps his

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