High Expectations: A Case Study Of Rudyard Kipling's 'If'

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The high expectations of authority towards youth can either lead to prosperity or adversity. Parents, teachers, and guardians all want the best for the next generation, however, this can lead to the feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed and pressured. The use of positive encouragement and support avoids stress and the feeling of disappointment. Having high expectations is crucial for the development of youth. The poem “IF” by Rudyard Kipling is an exemplar of high expectations on youth. The case study of the “Dumb rats” and the Pygmalion effect is an illustration of different outcomes based on different expectations. In my personal life, my parents have little to no expectations of my academic abilities. Parents’ expectations towards youth…show more content…
That being said, releasing other people's’ expectations will, in turn, restore help to improve the self-impression of another individual. Often everyone is focused on one thing, the benefits for themselves. We live in a world that sets up ranks, however, in reality, we are all equal, or should be. Doing something cordial for the minority is unexpected, but life-changing. In the photograph by Eric Magnuson, it illustrates a young girl having a conversation with a homeless man on Pearl Street in New York City. The young girl is defying the societal expectations that portray the idea of talking to strangers, especially homeless people, is dangerous. Instead of avoiding the man, she enjoyably talks to him. Instead of being afraid of the stereotypes placed on homeless people, she embraces the situation and makes the man feel content. Interacting with people in a joyful way is something the man is not used too but was a boost to his confidence. In this case, denying societal expectations helped improve the self-impression this man placed on himself. Continuous acts of kindness, such as talking to a homeless person, will hopefully change the negative stereotypes placed on various
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