Rudy The Meek

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A small boy with big dreams was surrounded by many people who did not believe in him, but that never stopped home from trying to achieve his lifelong dream. In the movie “Rudy” by Angelo Pizzo, Rudy was a small young man who did not have the best grades but had a big dream. This dream was becoming a player on his favourite football team at Notre Dame. Ever since Rudy was a boy, he dreamed about playing for this one team, but not many people believed in him. Although some people did not believe in Rudy, he still showed “blessed are the meek” towards them. These peoples were Rudy’s family and his teacher. When Rudy felt as if he needed help, he showed “blessed are the poor in spirit”. This is when Rudy got himself a tutor and when he prayed to…show more content…
Rudy showed “blessed are the meek” towards these people. Rudy’s family were some of the people who did not believe in him. When Rudy was sitting with his family by the television, he told them that he wanted to play for his family’s favourite football team, and his whole family laughed at him. Some of the most important people in Rudy’s life were also some of the least supportive people. When a child hears that someone so important to them believe that their dream will just be a dream, it is really hard for them. Children depend on their parents, especially for support, and that is exactly what Rudy’s family was not giving him. Although Rudy did not approve of his family’s opinions, he still treated their opinion respectfully because it mattered to him. Another opinion that also mattered to Rudy was the opinion of his teacher. Rudy’s teacher as well did not believe in him. When Rudy tried to get on the bus that was bringing the children to the Notre dame college, his teacher stopped him. This is because his grades were not good enough and he told Rudy that not everyone was meant to go to college. Teachers always give their best professional opinions for students which is why it was hard for Rudy to hear this. Although Rudy knew that his grades were not good, he was not ready to give up on his dream. He did not want his dream to be a dream, he wanted his dream to be a reality. Not only for himself but…show more content…
These people showed “blessed are the pure in heart” towards Rudy. One of the people who believed in Rudy, was the custodian he was friends with. Rudy’s prayers had been answered, and he was accepted onto the football team. It was the last game of the season and Rudy was not on the list to play, nor any other game of that season. Rudy decided to quit and that is when the custodian stopped Rudy and gave him a pep talk about not walking away from your dreams. Rudy had spent so much time working hard so that he could just get into the school. When you have worked so hard and got so close to achieving your dream, it is really hard to watch your last opportunity fade away. But the custodian knew that giving up was never the right answer. About two years ago I was a recreational dancer and all I wanted was to go onto the competitive team. Every class I would work so hard and push my limits so that I could be flexible enough for the competition. Audition day came and I made it onto the team. But a couple weeks later I found out that the dance studio closed. I was so bummed out, and I thought that I would never have that opportunity again. But I had hope that I would get the opportunity, and sure enough a new dance studio opened, and I danced competitive for my team last year! That really made me believe that you should never give up on your dreams
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