Rufus Sage's Adventure In The Rocky Mountains

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Rufus Sage was born on March 17, 1817 in Cromwell, Connecticut. He died at age 76 on December 23, 1893 in Cromwell, Connecticut. HE explored the Rocky Mountains for two years (1841-1843). HE explored the East side of the mountains in 1843. He wrote a book about his whole adventure in the Rocky Mountains. The name of the book is, “scenes in the Rocky Mountains.” This book was the journal/book he kept and wrote the whole time he was exploring. It explains all the trials he faced. Furthermore, how everyday was. The book was published in 1846, and measured 19cm by 13cm. It is currently located in the University of California Library. Rufus Sage’s mothers name is Martha Montague and his father is Elisha Sage. HE married Jerusha Butler. She was
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