Rugby Informative Speech

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Topic: Rugby
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: I want to inform my audience about the game of rugby.
Central Idea Statement/Thesis: Three aspects of rugby that helps set it apart from other sports is a line-out, a maul, and a scrum.
I. [Attention Getter]
II. [Topic Justification] Rugby is a club sport at Idaho State University.
A. Rugby and other club sports receive support from the Campus Recreation.
1. Campus Recreation receives funding directly from ISU student fees.
a) In other words, students, or us in this room, are paying to help fund this sport, so they might as well take advantage of it through their participation.
2. You are eligible to participate in Rugby and other club sports as long as you are a HT/FT
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After everyone has bound on, the teams “set” or come together to create a tunnel that is ready for play.
1. The ball is fed into the tunnel by the player known as the scrum-half.
2. Both sides of the scrum then push against each other to help obtain the ball.
3. The hooker, in the front row, then uses their leg to “hook” the ball backwards to win possession of the ball.
a) The teammates that make up the second and third row can then help push the ball backwards to exit the scrum.
b) The ball must exit the scrum from the rear.
I. [Summary] To conclude, I have shared with you some of the different aspects that set rugby a part from most sports.
A. First, I spoke about a line-out, or the maneuver that requires a lift and jump to restart the play.
B. Second, I spoke about a maul, or a group of individuals from both teams binding and pushing against each other upright.
C. Last, I spoke about a scrum, a course of action that restarts the game when both teams crouch down for the opportunity to hook the ball.
II. [Closing Statement] Whether scrumming against another team, lifting teammates into the air, or mauling towards the goal line, the game of rugby has different aspects than other sports. Today, rugby is a worldwide sport and is even on our very own
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