Ruined By Mama Nadi Character Analysis

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Ruined, a play by Lynn Nottage is set in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Congo is the rape capital of the world because it is used like a weapon of war. Once a woman is taken by the enemy side, that woman is kept and passed between soldiers. If she is lucky enough to escape, she is generally going home, to not be welcomed back by her family. To their family, she is not honorable and it is shameful to take her back. If a woman cannot escape she is usually raped to the point of being ruined. Many of the women in Ruined have been raped or abused. The only comfort they van seek is at Mama Nadi’s. Mama Nadi’s is a brothel in the center of the civil unrest. The girls are welcome to stay as long as they work. In exchange, the girls get shelter and food, and Mama Nadi, the owner of the brothel is able to protect herself from the crossfire of the civil unrest.…show more content…
Most would definitely not consider Mama Nadi as a Christ-figure. However, by examining Klosterman’s definition of a villain, and Foster’s traits of a Christ-like-figure, one will realize that Mama Nadi does not fit the definition of a villain but rather she fits the definition of a Christ-figure. In Klosterman’s collection of essay’s I Wear the Black Hat, he discusses what it means to be a villain. He eventually comes up with a definition of a villain: “A villain is someone who knows the most and cares the least” (Klosterman 18). When we look at the character of Mama Nadi, it is apparent that she does not fit this definition. When Mama was first asked to take Sophie in, she could have easily turned Sophie away. She was ruined and was of no value to Mama Nadi. Mama Nadi did not turn her away. We eventually learn that Mama Nadi is also ruined and was sympathizing with Sophie. Someone who does not care would not
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