Rukun Negara Case Study

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It is believes by appreciating the Rukun Negara, we can achieve the following:- 1.Can reduce social problems. 2.Able to educate someone to respect other races. 3.Can create a sense of respect and tolerance for creating harmony and unity among people of different races and religions. 4.Able to create a society which is democratic, scientific and other progressive way of life to people of all races. All these can be achieved because the national principles (Rukun Negara) satisfy the objective of the Rukun Negara because we as Malaysia want to gain as:- The objective of Rukun Negara The Objectives of Rukun Negara are directed towards developing a modern and progressive nation where the people together enjoy the nation’s riches in a fair and just manner, in a peaceful environment, respecting each other, despite ethnic and cultural differences. Appreciating Rukun Negara Campaign Nationwide campaign to regain unqualified Rukun Negara…show more content…
It had laid out a solid foundation for inter-racial harmony and unity. UNIQUE RUKUN NEGARA As a comprehensive document, the Rukun Negara demanded a democratic, just and liberal society apart from being the guideline for the nation and its people to mould their future. According to Lim Lyam Tai ,"Rukun Negara projects the voice, belief and resolve of Malaysians and it moulds our lifestyle. Hence all Malaysians should return to appreciating and practicing the Rukun Negara ... not merely memorizing each of its principles. The campaign 's target is all Malaysians but the core group is the youths as they would be country 's future leaders."Children who have just entered schools are also our main target -- like the Malay proverb of 'Melentur buluh perlulah dari rebungnya ' (bending a bamboo tree should be from its
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