Rule Breakers: Why People Break The Rules

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Normal human behaviors are usually built by the arrangement of rules put in almost each area. Individuals are constantly expected to act in a particular way. Whether it 's a classroom or an enormous theater, there will always be an arrangement of rules set all over the place that if followed, the ideal society would be created. Be that as it may, people do not always follow these rules. Whether it is someone who would rather steal a chocolate bar than pay for it or someone who would chew gum in public trains even though there is a sign that says otherwise, rule breakers are all around us. Various people break the rules now and again, and some break them once a day. The reasons people crave breaking the rules are to have a reputation, to be powerful, and to experience a thrilling sensation. One reason people crave breaking the rules is to gain a reputation. By breaking the rules and moving further and further from the law, people call out attention to themselves. A famous saying that spread around is “There is only one rule and that is there are no rules.” It is no shock that people who are remembered the best are the ones that broke the rules.” Michael used to sneak a bunch of drinks into prom. He has always been known as a rule-breaker”, “These news are spreading all around school. A senior is selling fake ID’s for two-hundred bucks. He is such a rebel”, “I remember Jessica, a girl in my old school who would always arrive late to class dressed inappropriately. She was the

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