Rule Of Benedict Compare And Contrast

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In the Life of Saint Benedict, Benedict is portrayed as a very religious man who has authority because of his conversion and lifestyles in his early life. In his own writing, Benedict appears genuine in his guide to the monastic Christian life as he attempts to build an order for a school designed for training in the Lords service. Benedicts approach to this goal is using strict lifestyles and discipline where the more experienced men train the younger. Even though Benedict is genuine in his search for Truth, one may argue that he does not follow biblical principles of freewill, forgiveness, and control. Overall, the Life of Saint Benedict written by Gregory has similarities to Rule of Benedict and explains some of his reactions told by his followers. In the beginning of the book, Benedict describes himself as a loving father giving instruction to his children (7). Benedict frequently quotes scripture in the beginning of…show more content…
At the beginning of The Rule of Benedict, Benedict begins by describing the four types of monarchs. Benedict describes the life of an anchorite as beginning in monastic life and then later living life as a hermit. Gregory told of Benedicts life as backwards from the chronological order so it’s interesting to examine the similarities. Guidelines set by Benedictine rules explains why he was portrayed as reacting in different situations in The Life of Saint Benedict. Benedict explains why that a person from the monetary may not eat while out on a day trip so it explains why he was so mad in chapter 12 in The Life of Saint Benedict (Gregory13-14). It also explains Benedicts tantrum about taking a napkin from a nun, it is because a person may not take from others and may not have their own personal property (18). Comparing the life and rule of Saint Benedict can help the reader know what Benedict thought and what his disciples thought of his
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