Rule Of St Benedict Research Paper

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St Benedict and his Rule are a great and helpful guide for Christian living as it sets a good example for what a peaceful and friendly life should be like with the people around you and God. The Rule of St Benedict allows Christians to get along well with each other and ways to live a good life. Prayer, (chapters 20 & 48) is one of the values contained in the Rule. As Christians, we are called to pray together as a group or individual, this is a good example of how people can connect with God. The value of Listening, (prologue) is also in the Rule. Being able to listen to others and their opinions can help with the way you see life and how you treat others. The value of Community, (chapter 72) allows individuals to come together and get along well with others. St Benedict was a Christian man who was born in 480CE in Norcia, Italy along with his twin sister Scholastica. Benedict and Scholastica were both raised into a wealthy family and received very…show more content…
St Benedict was full of helpful advice and guidance for others. Many looked up to him as a role model as he never stopped seeing the face of God in everything as well as caring for all those around him. The Rule of St Benedict was written during the 6th Century by St Benedict himself. It was written to show how simple Christian living should be like. It was used to help Christians in their daily lives. The Rule was helpful to many as it brought people closer together and reduced the amount of conflict there was between people. The value of hospitality is located in chapter 53. The definition of hospitality is to be welcoming, giving and generous towards family, friends and strangers. St Benedict states in the rule, 'He who hears for hearing, let him listen '. This relates to being hospitable by hearing and listening to others kindly. When we show hospitality and generosity to others, we receive respect and love
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