Rules In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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When a group of little kids get together with no rules to harness them, someone always gets hurt. Without rules, there is no order. No one is able to take control of the situation. When rules are not followed, democracy falls to anarchy. In the novel Lord of the Flies, the author William Golding explores how a group of schoolboys are able to adapt to an isolated environment after being shot down from the sky. The boys are forced to create and abide by their own rules. Through his characters, Golding demonstrates that rules are critical for a society to function. Throughout the story, the struggles that the character Piggy faces helps demonstrates the importance of laws and regulations. As Piggy attempts to hold a position of power, he constantly demonstrates that rules are pivotal to the well being of a society. He strongly agrees with Jack at the beginning of the story when he says, “We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, we’re not savages”(Golding 48). Still feeling the cap of civility, Piggy understands that without rules, they are no longer boys, but become savages. He tries to help Ralph teach the others this, but the other boys do not understand that if there are no rules, their society will fall. Piggy had rules to lead with, but could not gain the support of the other boys to follow these rules to grow a peaceful society. The rules and values that Piggy tries to establish are important to develop a mature and working society. Piggy states,“I got the
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