Rules Of The Game By Amy Tan Thesis Statement

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In Amy Tan story “Rules of the game,” she describes the relationship between mother and daughter by using a metaphor. Amy mother teaches her the art of invisible hand and daily truths to rise above their circumstance, and I experienced the same when my mother taught me the strategies for succeeding in life. Most importantly it shows us how Amy become world champion at the age of nine by learning rules to succeed. Whereas Hemmingway “Hills like White Elephant” is a story about two couple who have different thinking because men want a girl to have an abortion but she does not want it, or men do not love the girl anymore.

Thesis statement- These two stories are discussing girls life. Amy Tan story tells us about a small girl who became chess champion at small age
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He provides limited information, and he explains the title of the story “Hills like White Elephant by using Simile.

Rephrase thesis: Amy Tan story is about a little girl which learn the art of invisible strength from her mother, and later this skill helped her to become a world champion in chess. On the other hand, “Hills like White Elephant” is a simple conversation between men and his girlfriend and a girl was looking stressed and afraid of operation,
Conclusion: As I explain above both the stories, have similar literary device Metaphor. In “Rules of the Game.” Her mother teaches her art of invisible strength which will help her to succeed in life. Then Amy uses this technique in a game of chess because chess is the game about secrets, and later she becomes more skilled at using this art. Life is a chess game to win respect which means these rules are also applied in our life. Whereas, in “Hills like White Elephant” narrator uses quote “Everything tastes of licorice.” Moving further, both narrators uses a different point of view to write a
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