Rules Of The Road Analysis

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Joan Bauer wrote several fascinating novels. Two of her novels are Rules of the Road and Close to Famous. Bauer made several personal connections to her writings. Joan Bauer also incorporated a variety of literary elements such as figurative language, conflict, and theme to enhance her novels. In Rules of the Road, Joan Bauer made many connections to her personal life and relationships. For example, Jenna Boller loves working at the Gladstone Shoe Store. Bauer also enjoyed working as a young adult with different jobs. “I’ve always liked working and making money- I was a babysitter like most kids, I was a waitress - and really enjoyed that work and the serious money I made” (“Questions. Answered. Rules”). In addition, Jenna’s father faced alcoholism and different anger issues that she must learn to deal with throughout the course of the novel. Bauer’s father also had issues regarding alcohol and his temper. “Jenna’s dad never faced his problem - he always had an…show more content…
“Marietta Morningstar studied me like I was a recipe” (Bauer Close 4). A simile is the type of figurative language being used in this example. Foster is illustrating that Marietta was observing her closely by saying she was being studied like a recipe. Recipes are looked at closely to ensure the final product is made correctly. Bauer conveys a feeling of curiosity because the reader wants to know how Marietta will react after observing Foster. The curiosity about the next event and the description of Marietta examining Foster creates a visual image because it allows the reader to picture Marietta inspecting every inch of Foster in a precise manner. The reader can also imagine Foster’s curiosity about what Marietta thought about her. The emotion explains Marietta Morningstar’s character because it conveys that Marietta wants the best employees and strives for high quality, while Foster wants to impress
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