Rules, Rules And Controls In Anthem By Ayn Rand

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Are you currently bombarded by rules set by your parents or boss’? Imagine all the rules you currently have and then times them by ten! It might seem like it’s hard to imagine but the book Anthem by Ayn Rand takes place in a very controlling city. In the city of Anthem, they have a numerous amount of rules and controls set on the city and the people. Anthem has put multiple rules into action so that everyone is “equal” and there are “less” problems. What the society doesn’t know is that there are problems in Anthem. Equality sees these problems and will not implement them in the world that he envisions. Rules, regulations, and controls all have a purpose and a reason as to why they exist. No matter how outrageous and unethical they might be, there is always a reason to put rules into action. There are probably many reasons or excuses as to why the city of Anthem had placed a countless number of rules over their city. I believe the biggest reasons are to make sure everyone is “equal” and so there are “less” problems. The society the book puts forth is a controlled dystopia where everyone is “equal” in a way. No one is allowed to have friends or show attraction to someone else because that would mean that they preferred a certain person over their brothers, therefore showing that not everyone is truly equal. The people of Anthem are also not allowed to choose their jobs or even state that they prefer something. Having a preference in this city was seen and taught as if it was
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