Rumah Bolon Symbol Analysis

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4.2 The Symbol of Rumah Bolon. Symbols of Rumah Bolon are Gorga and warna nantiga. The writer will give the information about the symbol. Those are: 4.2.1 Gorga dan Warna A house generally considered rumpang when considered to have painting, that means an engraving in a particular place on parts of the traditional house according to the tradition of Simalungun has never been painted, only with art carved the front carved such and engraving in the cat this with a basic was created own (before any paint) with white, red and black. It is called Gorga. Other colors were as ornaments to embellish view. Between gorga or carves have been reviewed by writers and also be seen in terms of the custom, those are: 1. Gorga described Ilik (Cicak) 2. Gorga described raut muka Gajah 3. Gorga described Tapak Ni Raja. 1. Ilik (Cicak) Ilik is the type quadruped called skins and living in the Rumah Bolon’s wall, its food is insects. Gorga describes ilik carved on the wall near labah (door) two to a house if want to enter the house, also in every wall near (windows) through the window. Serves as a nail adhesive woven into the wall skins. The meaning of Ilik in with the nature of the insects ilik eradicates insects that may be damaging buildings and if their movements are smooth, another ilik will call screams while running his…show more content…
Sumbaho strong determine the house and also health in the in the royal court of the Simalungun. Another property than sumbaho was not a coward, be ready to face intent with the right path sumbaho will meet all

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