S. E. Hinton's Influence On The Outsiders

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"When I was young, all these books were about Mary Jane and the football player and the prom and ending up with the quiet guy and making your mom happy." S.E. Hinton wanted to write about stuff that depicted the real lives of teenagers and not the typical boy meets girl or the girl meets boy stories that people always wrote. Hinton has written over 20 books and some of them were made into movies, she also has received 19 awards. S.E. Hinton was influenced by her childhood of being a tomboy and playing with all her male cousins. As well as experiencing being a female teen in Oklahoma. S.E. Hinton’s personal life and how things were portrayed for boys and girls back then led her to write the reality, creating some of her famous works of “The…show more content…
The Outsiders is a story that is about two types of people or should I say social classes that had their own nicknames, the upper class people had a nickname of the “Socs” and the lower to middle class people were called the “Greasers” and it was all about their lives and the rivalry between the two of them. The Outsiders at first was seen as a kind of bad story and rebellious but then later on was recognized as one of the most talked about novels around the time it came out. ( Famous Authors). The story jump started Hinton her career and her way to the top as a novelist, The Outsiders sold roughly around 4 million copies or more and gave her a lot of publicity as well as gaining fame in the process. After writing the Outsiders Hinton went into a writer’s block that lasted about 3 years because of the result of popularity.…show more content…
Hinton’s writing impact her work overall?” I would have to say to say yes it did, from researching her and looking at how her novels were written and put together I realized that most of her books have a lot of stuff in common like the situations of being lonely and abandoned as well as family life in general and trying to fit it but also being your own person and trying to be in this world. Hinton life experiences have affected her life throughout. In the Outsiders it was taken from her personal life and she wrote in during when her father was sick and diagnosed with cancer because it pushed her to write and she finished the book ( Notablebiographies). The book also depicted how her life was at school she saw how the popular people treated the non popular people and they would always get into fights that’s how greasers and socs came about for the story. But she also was friends with the Socs and kind of never knew where she fit in

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