Run Lola Run Essay

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Run Lola Run by Tom Tykwer is a very unique film, the has no specific plot, nor a specific beginning or end. While there is no particular course of events, one particular event remains consistent throughout the film, Lola has twenty minutes to get 100,000 marks to her boyfriend, Manni, before he has to face Ronnie. Throughout the course of the film, Lola goes on three different runs, that all result in three alternative endings. It is evident that each of the alternative endings occur based on one thing, the pace that Lola runs. It appears that Tykwer is uses the structure of the film to make a general statement about the distinction between how one person’s actions influences other’s and fate . Structure plays a huge role in the overall message presented in Run Lola Run. In the film, Lola goes on three different runs, all in which her timing is different, and therefore generates a different outcome. On the first run, Lola appears to run at a very fast pace, however, her attempt to get the 100,000 marks is unsuccessful and she and Manni end up having to rob a store. During the first run, Lola ends up getting shot by the police, where she decides she does…show more content…
The movie focuses heavily on the “domino effect”, meaning that every scene of the plot is dependent on the scene that precedes it. As the protagonist in the film, Lola’s actions affect each of the characters in different ways, depending on when she runs past them, or coincidentally runs into them. It is evident in the film that Lola’s timing directly effects the course of events that transpire in the other character’s lives. Some events that occur in the film happen in each run, meaning these events are caused by fate and Lola is not in control over every aspect of every person’s life. Overall, I believe that Tykwer uses Run Lola Run to display the difference between cause and effect and
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