Soldier Boy Monologue

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Run the gauntlet

Soldier Boy thats me. At lest thats what i am now in this hot place thats never at rest. In training they would line us up and make us march all in perfect Synchronised high knee steps we all new war was not going to be an organised place but the training before hand still gave us a fouls sense of security as. There is nothing but chaos. I wanna be a good soldier and i wont to do my part but to being good war is a contradiction to all morals and lessons of being a good person in the real would to shoot some one is to be a bad person but as a soldier i am commended for the lives i have taken and the trophies i have collected.

Being surrounded by people dose not take away the lonely ness as i am not a lone soldier yet it i feel alone no matter what i would have been told before coming to this place and all the things i may encounter loneliness is not a feeling i would have believed the constant gun fire and noise dose not down out the cry’s as men fall witch drives the feeling home to were there is no one. The is a mist like screen always covering every thing from the smoke ash and dirt. that thickened in to a cloud when a big bang hits and my ears begin to ring and i am no longer able to look down
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As i open my eyes and wait for my eyes to focus i see a lady standing beside me she looks young and it terns out she is the one calling my name she is also telling me to be calm but i reply back to her “you haven’t got a cigarette on ya have you” she laughs like I’m joking then walks away and comes back a moment later with box in hand and pops one in my
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