Runabout Boat Advantages And Disadvantages

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Runabout Boats for Sale
The Perfect Multi-Use Vessel
Dating back all the way into the 1920s, the runabout boats have proven to stand the test of time. These small vessels are comprised of either wood, metal, or fiberglass, and provide an agile, versatile boat that is perfect for many water-related activities. Runabout boats generally have the capacity to seat between 4 and 8 people and can be used as pleasure boats, fishing vessels, water skiing, or even as a larger ship’s tender. With the multiple uses of these boats, runabout boats for sale today are on the top of many boater’s wish lists.
Classic Designed
The first runabout boats made in the 1920s utilized primarily a wood format. The boats were heavy, but due to the deep V hull design.
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These offer a clean exterior diving platform and are mounted directly to the hull under the craft. The engine style maintains a clean look throughout the entire vessel when utilizing an inboard and it can make getting on and off the boat easier and safer for smaller children.
For those who want to see the engine power, the option of the outboard engine is available, but the outboard will affect the classic look of the vessel. The advantage of an outboard is there is no need for a rudder, since the engine itself turns and acts as the rudder.
Jet drives are another common style of engine for a runabout as they are designed to be as agile as possible. With a jet drive engine, the speed is produced by expelling water through the swiveling nozzle. Apart from the speed capabilities of these engines, the main advantage is they are tolerant of shallower waters, so using your runabout for island hopping is an option.
Common Runabout Brands
Whether looking for the luxurious runabout boats or simply something to jaunt from one port to another, there are a lot of brands to choose from. When choosing a runabout boat added features such as increased engine strength and the LOA will impact the final purchase price.
• Albatro
• Bayliner
• Boston

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