Runaway Slave Advertising

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The primary source I choose for my project was the two runaway slave ads we discussed in class. I choose theses because they shows the contrast between southern and northern colonies. Although there was slavery in the north it was not as much of a widespread because the demand was not as high as it was in the south. The south needed mass slave labor in order to maintain the crops and fulfil the American agrarian dependent ideal, similar to the one Jefferson was a supporter of. In the ads a lack of humanity was displayed by the description of the slaves. The slave in the first ad was clearly valued because the owner states that he had been branded but not on the face, this displaying a concern for the appearance of the slave. Such a seemingly innocent fact, highlighted shows the sense of ownership seeing the slaves as property and not humans. The excerpt from the ad derived from North Carolina described the slave as if he was a piece of cattle, and not a human being.In the second add, derived from a Massachusetts newspaper the…show more content…
Unfortunately this is not the case, although society does place some spotlight on the racial injustices that are still present in our world, slavery has become a somewhat of a null issue. The media shies away from reporting on things such as slavery because of America’s horrific past. Although is is not reported on as much as other current events, it is still a practice that takes place in day to day life. The estimated number of modern day slaves is around 21 to 29 million people. Modern day slavery ranges from forced labor, sex slavery, human trafficking and even forced marriage. 4.5 million of those people derive from The United States, a country that prides itself on being a free nation. Modern day slavery does exist in the United States and in fact can compare in some aspects of The African Slave
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