Puzzle Quest Game Analysis

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Mixing the puzzle genre with some role-playing elements is nothing new and games like Puzzle Quest have shown how successful this formula can be if pulled off correctly. Runespell Overture is somewhat similar to Puzzle Quest but instead of colored blocks, battles are settled with Poker cards.

The game opens with your hooded character waking up without its memory. As the story progresses and you recruit more allies you discover what your purpose is. Sadly the whole thing is over just as the story starts to become interesting but the plot at least provides sufficient motivation to keep playing. When not gliding across the 2D, node-based map you will be facing foes in combat which at first looks a lot like Solitaire.

Combat is turn-based and you are allowed three actions per turn. The goal is to build stacks of cards, five at a time and using
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When dealing with card games like this there is always a big element of luck involved which means that some battles will be very hard but then become a walk in the park when retried. The story mode is also rather short but considering the reasonable asking price of the game I guess that it is not too big of an issue. One thing to watch out for is that the game is very prone to crashing if you have the Raptr game service turned on so be sure to disable it before playing. Judging by the ending it looks like his won't be the last time we get to explore the world of Runespell. Hopefully the designers will build upon all the good ideas that they had for this game and deliver something a bit more substantial next time…show more content…
It is undeniably addictive and has some great ideas but can become repetitive and the whole thing ends rather abruptly. Considering the low price tag it is well worth checking out
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