Runit Dome Poem Analysis

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My report covers up the connections of “Nuclear warfare” and how these impact us in the real world. The texts that helped me make these connections link up were Runit Dome an article from “The guardian”. A poem called Five ways to kill a man by Edwin Brock. A film called Trinity & beyond directed by Peter Kuran and a short story called Terminal beach author by J. G Ballard. The article Runit dome is a giant, concrete dome filled with radioactive waste above run it island. It is known to be called “The Tomb”. The dome was constructed after the nuclear testing, the US government used runit dome for cold war nuclear testing for 10 years from 1948. There were 42 tests in total. This was held in Enewetak Atok. Enewetak Atok is huge coral atoll…show more content…
It is narrated by William Shatner. The point of the film was to describe the testing program from point of view of the weaponeers. What was being tested and why. Terminal beach by J. G. Ballard is about a man named Traven who does not deal with the unexpected passing of his wife and son who were killed in a motor accident in which takes away to an island of Eniwetok. Previously used for nuclear weapons known as “Runit Dome”. This last text links up with my connections because it was held in eniwetok which was once used for nuclear weapons. This links up with my connection as well as text 2 “Runit dome”. because they both involve with eniwetok linking up with nuclear warfare.

Although war may be beneficial towards a country, it has detrimental effects on politics and the society. Runit Dome an article from the “Guardian” and Terminal beach both discuss the loss of humanity. A radioactive waste above runit island. It was used by the US government for cold war nuclear testing for 10 years from 1948. It is known to be called “The Tomb”. Runit dome was included in both the texts. The article demonstrates what happens in runit dome as well as when it occurred, it shows how much lack we have in the society we live in. For example, in the article it mentions that
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The poem Five ways to kill a man describes various ways to kill a man for there own selfish intentions in all upcoming eras. Edwin Brock used crucifixion, lancing, gassing, bombing from the ancient times to the 20th century to kill other human beings. There are 4 stanzas in this poetry that represent each metrical scheme. The first stanza describes the crucifixion of jesus christ “You can carry a plank of wood to the top of a hill and nail him to it”, this resembles jesus’s cross and his sacrifice. Stanza two is about the medieval age “Can take a length of steel, shaped and chased in a traditional way”, this resembles what people use to wear in the medieval times, the third stanza as well as the fourth are both about world war 1 and 2 “ Dispensing with nobility, you may, if the wind allows, blow gas at him”. this resembles the gas bombs they used during world war 1 and 2. Poet Edwin Brock wants to convey a message throughout the poem that emotion and compassion is expressed by a man. Man has different creative and faster ways off killing other human beings to either survive in this world or gain pleasure. The poem wants to highlight the way that however man proceeded different ways to kill, the death remained unchanged. Trinity & Beyond by director Peter
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