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Most people do not like running, even those who do like running tend to dislike it at times. Then again, most people have not stuck with it enough to know the benefits.That is somewhat understandable because at times it can hurt, a lot. Half of running is being able and willing to push through the pain and keep going to the finish. Despite that, running can help improve their mood and generally be a happier person. Running feels good and can make someone happier because it releases certain chemicals, can keep and get someone in shape, and allows them to set and achieve goals. Running is proven to release certain chemicals in the brain. These chemicals ,like endorphins among others, are there to help with pain, but they also have other benefits. One website says, “Running helps people feel less fatigued, depressed, and tense throughout the day.”(FitDay N.p.). For example, if someone went on a run in the morning the benefits could stay with them all day long. The chemicals leased not only help people get through the they run, but the whole day as well. The same article states later on, “The chemicals make runners feel energized both in and after…show more content…
In the book spark, it says that, “Being fast didn 't necessarily have anything to do with being fit” (Ratey et. al. n.p.). To have a good work out someone does not have to run a five minute mile, but instead a ten minute mile might give them the same benefits. This makes it easier for a runner to set his or her own pace and find what benefits them the most while staying active. Also, another website states, “Active folks see the glass half full, even after they 're done sweating”(Munoz n.p.). Staying active can have a positive effect on a person 's outlook on life. Running is something that can be done almost anywhere and someone does not have to be the fastest to get all the benefits. With these benefits some people might find it easier to get back in shape and stay

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