Running Club Research Paper

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The Lorena Falasco Running Club is a new club spearheaded by Deborah Atkins. Just as Deborah, I too, began running later in life so I was quite excited when she began organizing this club. I jumped at the opportunity to become a coach! I was athletic as a teen; however, in my adult life sports and exercise took a backseat up until 5 years ago. At one time, the thought of running, made me want to run and hide, but with a great coach I was able to quickly adapt to long distances and enjoy it! Now I am excited to share my love of running with our students and the community. Our club meets two days a week after school. We have two coaches (teachers) and parent helpers per team, which are separated by grade levels. We start with warm ups…show more content…
I was able to learn how to work with students on their running, and the students were able to learn how to be healthy and active while having fun. It was an amazing experience to see them all improve their times with each session and having fun while doing it. Obesity is such a wide spread problem across our nation, so I am very thankful to have a positive impact on our students, and show them that being active and staying healthy can be something fun they can do with their family and friends. From this experience, I would like to see all of our schools in the district have a running club in place. We modeled ours club after Miano Elementary Schools Running Club. After speaking with their staff about the positive impact it was having at their site, I feel that it would be of the upmost importance to implement a running club at all of our sites. In conclusion, implementing not only created an active and fun environment for students, it also allowed our staff to interact with parents and community members in a positive manner. Thus, creating welcoming
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