Argumentative Essay: Jogging Vs. Walking

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What kinds of exercise that suits your needs? If you are a busy person, then you might not have enough time to exercise, even for walking. However, anyone who is required to maintain his or her perfect endurance is jogging or running. There is actually a slight impact disparity of walking and running, in which each of them still delivers its major benefits. But, first, it is important to clarify that both activities have some differences. Running requires a faster pace than jogging. In this case, jogging and walking are good for everyone, who needs to keep his or her endurance perfectly for the whole day. On the other hand, nothing is better than running, when it comes to enhance a person's stamina.

Then, let's admit that not all people can explain in details about the divergence between stamina and endurance. Well, stamina is the main' fuel' for those, whose activities require a high level of power for certain period of time. Meanwhile, endurance is what everyone needs to do all activities for the whole day.
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But, not people need to consume additional supplements, as long as they are able to stay healthy through their nutritious meal intake and regular, mild exercises. The needs of health supplements relate to the body weight. A person who consumes enough calories can skip health supplements which usually contain some ingredients that suppress the appetite. Hence, it is recommended to ask for medical advice about the right calorie consumption, because everyone has a different metabolism system, as well as requirement for calorie intake, based on one's body weight and daily activities.

Then, who need health supplements? Active people strongly need health supplements, like athletes or outdoor workers. Other people who need health supplements are the ones who limit their daily intake, due to their beliefs like vegetarians, or suffer from diseases which ruins the digestive system in absorbing
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