Running With The Demon Essay

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In the book Running With The Demon there are a lot of different themes throughout the story. For example, the good vs evil in the book Running With The Demon. The Word is the good in the story, which is John and Nest. The Void is the evil in the story, which is the Demon. Both sides the Word and the Void use magic against each other to try and defeat one another. John has the magic in his staff that he has to take with him everywhere and can’t go anywhere without it.(P.287-288) Nest has the magic in her eyes when she stares directly into someone else’s eyes like she did with Danny Abbott.(P.77) The Demon uses his magic by convincing people like Derry to do what he says to harm others and Hopewell.(Ch.4 P.45-54) The whole book is based off the Word and the Void. John came to Hopewell because his magic to help Nest beat the Void. The void was trying to destroy Hopewell and turn everyone evil. John and Nest have to use their magic to defeat the Demon so that the Void doesn’t win and turn the world evil. To sum up the theme good vs evil in Running With The Demon, the Word(good) ends up defeating the Void(bad) by waiting and not using their magic until the right time.…show more content…
Hopewell is a very small town that is struggling because the local steel mill is on strike. The book also takes place in Sinnissippi Park, where Nest protects her home in Hopewell. It 's also the home of Pick, Daniel, Wraith, the feeders, and is the name from the Sinnissippi Indians. Another area is the Midwest Continental Steel Mill, it 's the factory in Hopewell that most of the population works at. The setting in this novel changes multiple times in this story because Nest and John have to go to certain places to try and stop the void from happening. Which makes the book interesting because you aren’t just in one area of the book the whole
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