Rupa Bajwa's The Sari House

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Rupa Bajwa as Indian women writer explores the class dynamic of Indian society through her novels The Sari Shop and Tell Me A Story. Her novels remarkably depict the true nature of existing society around which life of common people revolves. In both her novels her protagonist’s suffers the cruel treatment of world in which they live and face the reality of society. They try to raise their voices against injustice but gradually, they become victims of society. Both protagonists have pay heavily in their lives by going against the norms of society. In both novels Bajwa’s theme revolves around corruption of society and an individual rebel against upper class. Bajwa debut novel The Sari Shop is about the under privileged class. It is a sensitive attempt to understand complex structure of life. The novel begins with the description of proletariat class which revolves only around capitalist class. On the surface the novel seems to be a simple story about a small city like Amritsar and its people, but to sense it universal appeal, it needs to be studied deeply. In The Sari Shop protagonist of novel represents different types of saris to…show more content…
In society people with lower economic status always remain under the burden of hatred feeling. They are treated as baseless identities in comparison to individuals who have higher economic place in the society. In her novel The Sari Shop Bajwa also shows the contrast between the economically secure and educated women like Mrs. Sandhu, Mrs. Gupta, Mrs. Bhandari and Mrs. Kapoor who occupy upper sections of society with the economically weaker counterparts like Kamla wife of Chander who belongs to lower stratum of society. The upper class women spend their daily life in gossiping and match making. They have high aspirations and fulfilled dreams. On the other side of society, women of lower class have unfulfilled dreams and lead miserable
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