Rural Banking In Ghana Case Study

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The effects of inter-organizational boundaries in the delivery of banking services: The case of rural banking in Ghana by Emmanuel Tachie-Menson

A Long Essay Submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, University of Ghana, in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in Management Information Systems


Supervisor : Dr John Effah

1.1 Research Background

Information systems have revolutionized financial services and their delivery. Banking is no longer confined to branches where one has to visit, to withdraw cash, deposit a cheque or request a
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Primary data will be collected from participating members of selected RCBs and ARB Apex Bank. This will be done via semi-structured interviews, questionnaires and participatory observation. Other data will be collected from publications and journals of relevant subject authorities.

The data will be analyzed using thematic exploration and logical reasoning. It will employ charts, graphs and diagrams to pictorially represent this as well as written descriptions.

1.6 Research Significance

The importance of this research can be perceived in the areas of research, practice and policy. Literature on spanning the boundaries of Ghana 's rural banking network is arguably non-existent.
This research will explore the enablers and constraints of rural banking services delivery and facilitate further research in strategic approaches to withstand and circumvent the challenges involved in the integration of sub-systems and external systems in the rural banking network.

It will equip The ARB Apex Bank, Rural and Community Banks, the Ghanaian banking sector at large and other stakeholder communities to enhance banking services delivery and create new efficient
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The approach is predominantly qualitative.

Research Design
Various designs can be employed in research including surveys, case studies, cross-sectional studies, longitudinal studies, comparative and experimental studies. (Saunders et al., 2009). Yin (1994) defines case study as an empirical investigation of phenomena within their environmental context where the relationship between the phenomena and environmental context is not clear. An interpretive case study is adopted in this research to gain in-depth understanding of the roles of boundaries in the delivery of rural banking services in Ghana.

Population and Sample
The population in this research comprises the communities of interest and practice in Ghana 's rural banking system. The target population for the study consists ARB Apex Bank and Rural and Community Banks (RCBs). This sample is selected from a larger community of interest due to a more direct linkage to the research purpose and also the accessibility

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