Demographic Transition Of China Essay

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B) Living in a small city like Macau, some might say it is over populated with 576,642 residents. Every one of us has an intriguing background story and my family’s stories as a sophomore student studying in University of Macau is also quite interesting. This essay is divided into five main sections, it will focus on the demographic transition of China and its impact on population. In the next part, I will talk about my family’s response to this kind of demographic change with the support of some of my family histories. Follow by the third part, causes of the “rural-to-urban migration” will be discussed and I will relate it to my family data. Moving on to the fourth part, I will talk about the government policy in China. Finally, some conclusions will be drawn.…show more content…
The death rate was high and the nation was politically and economically weak. Therefore, the nation was in the stationary stage at that time, for which the birth rate and the mortality rate were high. After the return of peace in 1949, The People’s Republic of China entered its demographic transition: the early expanding stage, which has high birth rate along with low death rate. And this was the first ‘baby booms’ experienced by china which is after the liberation war. The reason of high birth rate because high fertility has remained for many years, and each woman had a Total Fertility Rate of around six children. On the other hand, there are two reasons for China’s low death rate from 1949. First, many Chinese people were killed in civil wars and during World War II before 1949. Second, China rapidly modernized, and its citizens became healthier, causing their life expectancy to dramatically

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