Rural Women Empowerment

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K P B Hinduja College of Commerce
Two Day National Conference on
Recent Trends in Sectorial Development and their impact on the Indian Economy
Title: Empowerment of Rural Women through Self Help Groups; an Overview
“Nothing , arguably is as important today in the political economy of development as an adequate recognition of political , economic , and social participation and leadership of women”
( Amartya Sen,1999)
The empowerment of women in rural areas is the key to progress and the means to rural development. Rural women constitute the major workforce in the agricultural sector of our economy, though their work could not get recognition in the society. The state of rural women in India is such that they have no property, no education and
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To explore measures to strengthen the SHG movement and other schemes of empowerment
The data has been collected from secondary data sources like RBI bulletins, World Development Reports and NABARD Reports. The various reports are used to analyze the growth of SHGs in rural areas. The Credit disbursed and the income generated are analyzed which brings to light the growth performance of SHGs.
Importance of Women Empowerment
Women empowerment refers to the emancipation of women and harmonious co-existence with men in the society. Empowerment enables social recognition, dignity, prosperity and security. According to Shetty(1991) empowerment refers to a complete change of social and economic attitude towards women. Empowerment enables the women to have a clear access to formal and informal choices which enable them to guard against any form of oppression. Empowerment has been defined as a process by which women are mobilized to understand, identify and overcome gender discrimination so as to achieve equality, welfare and access to resources. (Bangladesh Jati Sangha Samiti1998)Empowerment is the process of acquiring the ability and opportunity to participate in decision making and implementation and influencing the decision with proper knowledge self dignity and self confidence. Through empowerment women are mobilized to understand, identify and overcome gender discrimination so as to achieve equality, welfare and access to resources. Women empowerment thus entails
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Women development has been identified as the key factor for sustainable development. Four important issues connected with women in the area of work are
1. Invisibility or undervaluation of women’s work
A major part of the women’s work remains unacknowledged and is out of the purview of monetized productive activities
2. Concentration in Subsistence sector
Women in the rural areas are engaged in the traditional or conventional activities and occupation as a result of which their activities are not counted
3. Feminization of work

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