Rush Limbaugh's Multiculturalism In America

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Rush Limbaugh discusses multiculturalism and its possible failings to America culture. Limbaugh believes teaching minorities about their roots hinder their “future as Americans.” He continues to say “If you want to prosper in America, if you want access to opportunity in America, you must be able to assimilate: to become part of the American culture.” This statement, personally, implies other cultures cannot have the same work ethic and values as “regular” Americans, which is a presumptuous statement to make. To a certain point, yes, incoming immigrants and generational immigrants do have to adapt to the American culture, but their roots do not discount their ability to succeed in American society. Limbaugh continues to state that multiculturalism…show more content…
Their cultural roots were forced out of their lives for generations, and the need to connect back to them could stem from the fact that their own country still does not fully support them from racial profiling, mass incarceration, to a president who has made many racist remarks. Limbaugh says ethnic communities can preserve and teach their cultures at home, but public schools should not be obliged to. I believe public schools should be allowed to show different perspectives based on facts. It is fact that Christopher committed many atrocities, but did also discover the Caribbean for the Europeans that changed the course of history. His atrocities should be addressed as a part of history as well as accomplishments because he was not an amazing man as many American textbooks have portrayed. Different perspectives and learning about different cultures are vital to broadening our minds. Questions I would propose are: If Americans are comprised of so many different ethnicities, why should history be presented from one “American” or Eurocentric perspective? Does the forced generational assimilation influence how you would want to only hear the perspective of Eurocentric history? Does a lack of interaction with other cultures and understanding them influence how one should think of
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