Russel Baker The Art Of Eating Spaghetti Analysis

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In Russel Baker's essay, "The Art of Eating Spaghetti", he was trying to express that what you end up doing shouldn't be determined by how hard it will be, but instead by if you want to do it or not. He says that he felt that he wanted to be writer, but knew that it kids didn't just graduate and be a writer. At the end, he says, "Writing couldn't lead to a job after high school, and it was hardly honest work, but Mr. Fleagle had opened a door for me." The most effect part of his essay was when he wrote about how proud he felt when Mr. Fleagle was reading his essay out loud and everyone was listening and laughing, because it's what he would feel when people read his future stories as a writer. The least effective part was when he described
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