Russell's POV: A Short Story

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HARRY’S POV It’s no wonder Russell hasn’t been found, considering I took his cold, limp body and threw it over Rose Lake’s bridge, above a lake notable for it’s various visits by suicidal individuals. If I do say so myself, I did a fairly good job. Russell was a nobody, there isn’t a single person that cares about him. Though, if his body is found, I’m sure his death will be automatically ruled as a suicide. A drunken, middle aged man who had kidnapped his daughter seems like a likely candidate for offing himself. Killing Russell seemed to be the only fair thing to do, considering he took away my love. He had taken Nova away from not only her mother, but a man who loved her with a burning passion. My love for Nova never burned out, nor did…show more content…
Obviously, she was confused, so I explained to her the current situation. I told her of my love for her, and that ever since she was a child I wanted her to be mine, and only mine. Russell took her before I had the chance to keep her as my own, but that was okay, since we finally were together. Her disheveled face contorted into the same terror her father’s had, which worried me beyond belief. I wanted Nova to feel safe, I wanted her to know that she will be okay, now that she is with me. I am who she was destined to be with, she was my only love. During my explanation, Nova began to cry again, go figure. I became annoyed with her depressive behavior, and hitting her was the only option to shut her up. Leaving a red mark on her cheek, I felt powerful and even more in love.
“Nova, do you love me?” I found myself asking. Not receiving an answer, I hit her again. Thankfully this prompted her to answer.
“Y-yes Harry, I love you, and if you really love me, you’ll let me go,” Nova whispered.
I saw through her lying teeth. She didn’t love me, she was trying to trick me into letting her go. I couldn’t let her escape my grasp, not this time. I had punched, kicked, and hit her until she stopped moving. I was enraged that she thought she could outsmart me. No one can outsmart Harry

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