Russia Government Vs Us Government Essay

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The United States government is best defined as a federal constitutional republic. As a constitutional republic, the U.S. government is organized by the Constitution, setting forth the political threshold of the people, which are known as the federal and state governments. As a federal republic, the control stands by the people throughout the voting process of electing the federal and state officials. The federal government is limited by the distribution of authority within the states as outlined in the Constitution. Although many people like to call the United States a democracy, this is not the case, because the public does not directly control legislation. Nonetheless, they only do so by their elected officials. The United States of America,…show more content…
Comparing these two forms of government, both, have federal constitutions. The last previously drafted constitution for the Russian government was in 1993, then, amended in 2008. The U.S. Constitution, was last drafted in 1787, and submitted for states ' ratification in September of 1787. In both nations’ executive branch, they hold elections for the presidency. Also, governments are cabinet appointed by the president. Russia and the U.S. have similar judicial branches like the Supreme Court, both, nominated by the president. In the legislature, each government is bicameral (under two chambers); Russia’s branch consists of an upper house and a federation council while the U.S. consists of the HOR (House of Representatives) and the Senate. Russia has many different political parties and leaders including a Democratic Party in which the U.S. is accustomed to a Democratic and Republican Party. The age of suffrage is 18 years old; being universal. Lastly, both constitutional forms are…show more content…
Additionally, the Russian government runs on a federation while the United States operates on a Constitution-based federal republic; having a strong democratic tradition. About the Legal System, Russia mainly uses the civil law system which in other words is the judicial review of legislature acts, and the U.S. government uses the Common Law System which is based on the English Common Law from the federal level; using state legal systems based on Common Law except for Louisiana. Lastly, relating to the basis of executive legitimacy, Russia’s presidency is independent of legislature meaning the ministry focused on the parliamentary confidence, while the U.S. presidency is independent of primarily the
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