Russia In World War 1 Essay

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Russia in World War I has become a great debate on how bad they were defeated and what they truly contributed to the war. Many focus on Russia’s few victories and its tremendous defeats rather than what they did for their allies. Russia is known for being occupied by Germans as well as being constantly defeated by them in World War I: however, they found themselves successful defeating the Austria-Hungary. Russia continuously were having hardships due to food shortages, loss of territory, and enormous amount of deaths. However, Russia was not one of the lucky ones during these times yet they managed to bring some good and help to their allies and people. While Russia was known for many of their hardships we will discuss Russia being a viable combatant, whether Russia was doomed to defeat, and if the Provisional Government would have survived if Russia was pulled out of the war.
As we begin, Thomas Earl Porter examined how Russia was a viable combatant in World War I because Russia dealt effectively with the requirements of waging a major war as well as, the actions of the tsar army on the Eastern Front prevented Germany from focusing all its energy on fighting Russia’s allies in the West. Porter felt that Russia public responded heroically to the dilemma by taking over the responsibilities by providing medical services for the tsar soldiers, supplying
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Brandon C Schneider and Paul Du Quenoy both display facts that make their reasoning sound like a side should be taken. Paul Du Quenoy focused on events that have happened like in the 1906 when Petr Stolypin said that in twenty years he could change Russia. Quenoy quoted Petr Stolypin making it a secondary source. Brandon C. Schneider focused on laws and events as well with many wars that Russia may have defeated and showed they could prosper beyond the faith that many have against Russia in World War I. There was even an image that displayed Russia in WWI, it was a bond poster with army men on it showing their
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