La Sylphide: The Romantic Movement

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These "unreal" dances portrayed women as supernatural beings with extreme fragility, who could rise effortlessly and almost seemed as if they were floating in the air. The dancers began to wear costumes in pastel colors, with skirts that reached to the ankles. An example of the romantic movement is "La Sylphide", one of the oldest romantic dances that is still played by contemporary dancers. The romantic movement was a new exploration of folklore and traditional culture, which began to take part in the folklore of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In the ballet of those times the dancers were characterized as villains or buffoons, so that they could adapt to "Orientalism". The National Opera of Ukraine, theater dedicated to the performing…show more content…
It was made up of dancers from the French community who had been exiled from the Russian Revolution. Diaghilev and the composer Igor Stravinsky fused their talents to bring Russian folklore to "The Firebird" and "Petrushka" with choreography by Fokine. Another choreography by Diaghilev was given to Nijinsky. His first ballet piece was L'apres-midi d'un Faune with music by Debussy. The most controversial presentation of the Ballets Russes was "The Rite of Spri", choreographed by Nijinsky with music by Stravinsky. The modern ballet music, the new postures of the feet and the theme of human sacrifices create a feeling of displeasure in the audience. After Petipa's "golden age", Michel Fokine began his career in St. Petersburg, but moved to Paris and worked with Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes. The Russian Ballet continued its development under Soviet rule. There was little talent left after the revolution, but that small portion of talent made it expand to the other generations. Perfection in technique and precision in dance was promoted. Agrippina Vaganova, who was trained by Petipa and Cecchetti, leading the Vaganova Ballet
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