Russian Culture Vs American Culture

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There are 195 countries on the planet, but there are many more cultures than there are countries on earth. Not one culture is exactly like one another but they all can share some similarities with one another. Mainly cultures tend to contrast, The United States of America’s culture contrasts with many, but the ones I am the most curious about would be Mexico, South Korean, Japanese and Russian cultures. I have always been curious about Mexican culture. Mexico is right below The United States of America and the cultures are not very similar. One thing that mainly surprised me about Mexican culture is that when any two people communicate, a fair amount of touching is involved. In The United States of America, that is not very common. One thing I believe would surprise others about Mexican Culture is the way people make eye contact. For example, when a child is in trouble and looks directly into the parent’s…show more content…
One culture characteristic that surprised me about Russia’s culture was that they are typically guarded and closed until a relationship is formed. For example, they like to take their time to get to know another individual. One thing that I believe that would surprise others about Russian culture is that the American “ok” sign, thumbs up, and sticking your thumb between your index and middle finger while making a fist are all considered rude gestures in Russian culture. I believe that researching these cultures helped confront my stereotypes. This research mainly helped me with confronting my stereotype of the types of governments that run those cultures and I understand that I was incorrect and should not just assume their government. Another reason why this helped me confront my stereotypes is that I used to believe that in Japan it was rare for a woman to work, but it turns out that most women have a profession until they are married and they stay home and take care of household

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