Russian Dictator: Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

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In the following essay, I will be talking about Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin. I am going to go more in depth of how Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin rose to power. Stalin was a Russian dictator who ruled from 1920 until 1953, which was the same year of his death. He was born in December 18, 1878, until March 5, 1953 which was when he died. He was also an author during his spare time and he wrote many books like: The October Revolution, The Foundations of Leninism, and many others. In this essay, i 'm also going to talk about his allies. Towards the end of the essay i will be giving my personal perspective.
Like stated previously, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Russian Dictator. Stalin was the ruler of the Soviet Union from the mid 1920s until
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There is a very common question asked by many historians, who was a better ruler, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin or Vladimir Lenin? Although not an easy answer, I personally believe that Lenin was a better ruler than Stalin. For starters and perhaps the most obvious of reasons, Lenin did not kill as much innocent people as Stalin despite the frequent arguments he would have with his party members. He was also able to restore the country after the Great War or World War One. After the war had finished, he educated his citizens and then sent them out to different countries so they could prosper elsewhere. Also Lenin did not put as many people as Stalin into concentration camps. When Stalin came into power, the number of people that were in concentration camps increased dramatically. For these reasons I believe Lenin ruled over Russia in a more effective way. Lenin was considered a hero for his people. He was considered a ruler of the people. He did not lead through fear and cruelty, he was more of a calm person. This was completely opposite of Stalin. Joseph Stalin was indeed a cruel ruler, which, like said before, he ruled by fear. He was very impatient and wanted to bring the country up in power as soon as possible. This was shown when Joseph Stalin decided to shut out the five year plan, that former ruler lenin, had previously set for the nation so it would be able to…show more content…
For instance, he was able to make the Soviet Union a very powerful nation, but he also killed many of his citizens while doing so in gulags, to be more exact he killed around 5-8 million people. He also forced many policies on the Soviet Union and its people but the policies did not benefit anyone nearly as much as they benefited Joseph Stalin himself. For this reasons, I conclude that Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a bad leader although many people still like him
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