First Russian Revolution 1917

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The First Russian Revolution of 1917
On March 8, 1917, or February 8, 1917, according to the Julian calendar used by the Russians at that time, the first Russian Revolution broke out in the streets of Petrograd. This revolution was the first step towards a new government and leading power in Russia. The revolution started with the collapse of the Russian Empire because Emperor Nicholas II abdicated his throne. After this, Russia replaced this regime with a provisional government. This revolution was caused by the middle-class citizens. The people were originally upset with the monarchy. This anger for the monarchy later turned into protests regarding food rations and many other problems. Each day, the revolution grew larger in size due to the
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They would again strike in November of 1917. There were previous riots and protests before this official revolution in Russia, but they were unsuccessful because the Tsar refused to listen to his people. The people did not have a voice, so by starting this revolution, they demanded to be heard. When these riots and revolutions started, the military and the police were engaged in them. Not only was this an unexpected revolution, but it was also leaderless. There were attempts made to stop the protesters, but they persisted. This revolution was no longer a simple protest that the government could control. Anarchy had appeared in the capital and the government was failing. Soldiers ceased to fire on the citizens which marked the first Russian Revolution a success, but this was not the end for Russia. This essay will examine life before and at the end of the Romanov rule in the Russian Empire, events leading up to the first revolution, how the February Revolution came about, and how it paved the…show more content…
It quickly escalated into a revolution against the monarchy. After the abdication of the Tsar, the government was unstable, and eventually the Bolsheviks rose to power. The revolution was the way the workers communicated to the government their issues and desires. They used the riots and revolts as their voice. The revolution could not be contained by the government, and therefore it grew in size. The success of the revolution was determined when the soldiers ceased to fire on the demonstrators. Many riots prior to the revolution sparked the workers to protest against more than just food rations. After the riots, the February Revolution started and did not last very long, but it paved the way for new powers to come into leadership. Powers, like the Bolsheviks, would make an impact on not only Russia, but also neighboring countries. Even after the end of this difficult revolution, Russia would return into the chaos of revolutions and riots yet again in
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