Russian Revolution Causes

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Throughout history numerous political movements have sought to make significant changes to their country by exacting a revolution. In some instances, this idea of revolution is carried out using militant or physical force and this usually happens when constitutional politics cannot deliver what is desired of the revolutionaries. There are many reasons as to why a revolution is started but usually it is due to differences in beliefs in politics and the result of a rebellion can be down to extremely different living standards for people in a society. Often the revolutionaries want to better the lives of their nation’s citizens and to develop their country into an equal and thriving civilisation. The failings of previous governments, unfair treatment…show more content…
In the early 1900s, Russia and its people were facing successive problems with government and were dealing with an unequal society provoking severe disagreement within the followers of Karl Marx’s ideology. In Russia’s case, it is interesting to see what factors led to the initiation of the Russian Revolution and why these factors caused a revolution to take place in the February of 1917. At the beginning and just before the 20th century there were many different reasons for discontent in Russia, which caused the ideas of Marxism and socialism to gain huge popularity but, the main problems existed within economic, social and political trends in Russia leading up to the February Revolution in…show more content…
There were many problems surrounding Russia and its political system. Tsar Nicholas II was Russia’s leader but a very poor one at that. He was the cause for many of Russia’s problems including the failures in the Russo-Japanese war and World War I. When Russia first entered World War I they fared well until after some bad advice Nicholas II sought control of the army and led them to another abysmal defeat. By the end of Russia’s involvement he was sending poorly trained and ill-equipped men into battle and was losing the confidence and backing of the Russian army. This was one of the major factors that led to his demise, he was a weak leader and commander but also he was running a very undemocratic government and this was shown with the creation of the Duma. The first Duma was established after the defeat in the war to the Japanese in an attempt by the Tsar to retain power. The Tsar however did not expect when he offered free elections to the Duma that the electorates would begin to criticise him and demand change. This resulted in the collapse of the first Duma which showed that the people hadn’t a right to an opinion and nothing could be changed as long as Tsar Nicholas II was in charge. The Duma was never going to succeed in making change as it would be dissolved if
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