Rutgers University Personal Statement

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Most children at a young age imagine becoming a ballerina or an astronaut when they grow up. I, for the most part always envisioned becoming a doctor, and not just any doctor but one that would work hard every day to impact the lives of many. Being in and out of the hospital growing up helped me develop a different kind of appreciation for people in the medical field. I aspired to work hard like them and do everything in my power to help the people that need me most. As a child where the hospital was a second home to me, I promised myself that I would push hard to become a doctor no matter the circumstances. It seemed like such a simple mission in my naïve mind. I was not aware of how perplexed this process would be. This is why I strive to attend a university where I will continue to be challenged academically and become more independent in my medical studies. Along with being motivated to become the best version of myself. If I am granted the incredible opportunity of attending Rutgers University I will be able to fulfill my dreams in furthering my education and being a part of the medical field. Rutgers University will help guarantee me a successful career and achieve many of my life goals. I come from a family where health has always…show more content…
I want to soon be able to help change the lives of many suffering similar to my grandma. Without a Rutgers University education I do not believe I will be able to succeed in accomplishing the career path I have in mind. I desire to attend and graduate from a university that supports the students in becoming independent and successful beings. I truly believe that having the leisure of attending one of the best science focused schools in the state of New Jersey will allow me to push myself harder and easily navigate through the path of being the doctor I’ve always dreamt of
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