Rutgers University Scholarship Essay

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One of the most important things in my life right now is my education. I always give 100% at anything that can affect my academics. This is because I believe that what I do now will affect which colleges I get into which will inturn affect my career and therefore my entire future. While I am doing the best I can at the moment, I will soon have to make a decision about which college would be best for me. After thorough research, Rutgers University would be the best college for me because it has a prestigious program in my area of study, the location is optimal and graduates from Rutgers are very successful. Beginning from a young age, I have always loved math and science classes. I always wanted to learn more about the subject and not only learn what happens but also why it happens. It is this mentality that made me decide on majoring in a science (either physics or…show more content…
A prestigious college degree allows for better jobs and ultimately a more successful career. Rutgers University has very accomplished alumni. These alumni have have networked so successfully that they have over 200 patents on groundbreaking research and inventions (Rutgers). To partake in these projects would be a great way to start off my career. Luckily, Rutgers University also offers fantastic internships with such projects (Rutgers). Overall, going to Rutgers University would give me a great opportunity to be successful in the future. In summary, Rutgers University would be the best college for me. For example, Rutgers excels in the major that I am going into. Also, it’s prime location allows me to stay on campus or commute from home. In addition, Rutgers in in the same state that I live in so the cost of tuition will be reduced. Lastly, I will eventually join the group of successful graduates when I graduate with my prestigious degree from Rutgers. In conclusion, Rutgers University is the best college for
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