Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Struggle For Equality Between Men And Women

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The power to change american history and impact the lives of millions of americans as a day job, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has certainly exercised her power to make an impact on achieving equality between men and women. Currently, Mrs. Ginsburg has a well known reputation for being a champion for equality between men and women. Her life story and work seems to support what she stands for. Ruth Bader Ginsburg faced discrimination first as a jewish immigrant and then as a women. In her childhood, she was expected to stop her education after a primary level and become a housewife. She resented how, because of her gender as a women society treated her differently, from her jewish religion given bar mitzvahs only to men and how girls had to take home economics class over shop.…show more content…
Eventually she pursued a secondary education at Cornell University and married a supportive husband Marty Ginsburg. Through his encouragement and her determination, Mrs. Ginsburg went to Harvard Law School as a Mother, which was frowned upon at the time. Many of these prejudices against women and the struggle she faced lead to her involvement in women’s rights and equality. She became a lawyer and eventually rose up to become a supreme court justice, in the highest court in the land. Honest and hardworking americans, like President Bill Clinton, the first female supreme court justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Harvard professor and dean Albert Sacks, Marty Ginsburg and more have helped Mrs. Ginsburg to where she is today. Ruth Bader Ginsburg stands for equality between men and women, her code of ethics, background, and herwork all support this
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