Ruth Bunnell Case

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Domestic violence has been around for many years. Domestic violence however wasn’t considered a major problem or crime until the highly publicized court case in 1972 of Ruth Bunnell. Bunnell was killed by her husband after the police failed to intervene. In the years before Bunnells death, since the police failed to intervene even though Bunnell had called them twenty nine times prior to her death about her husband’s abuse of her and her daughters Bunnell was eventually killed by her husband. The police department was sued because of this and the suing party won. The public was outraged by Bunnell’s death which lead to the enlightenment of the public about domestic violence and the belief that it was a major problem in the United States. This is the first instance of…show more content…
In 2000 Maria Macias was killed by her husband . Court case 2006 Lissette Ochoa(wife). Physical abuse by husband, emotional and mental abuse as well. “Her eyes were purple and swollen, her upper lip was basically touching her nose, and she had come out crawling”(father said). What he does also has an impact on the kids. He influences their behavior. Another negative aspect of domestic violence. 1972 case of Ruth Bunnell who was killed by husband when the police failed to intervene. Also in 2000 Maria Macias was killed by her husband even though she had called the police 22 before her death to tell them her husband was growing increasingly violent with her. Police didn't start really investigating domestic violence cases until after the 1972 Bunnell case. Beginning in late 1980’s police began to require the arrest of domestic violence suspects if their was enough evidence present. Women abused by their intimate partners are more vulnerable to contracting HIV or other STI’s due to forced intercourse or prolonged exposure to stress. Studies suggest that there is a relationship between intimate partner violence and depression and suicidal
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