Ruth Child Abuse

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Ruth was abused as a child. Therefore she knew what it was like to be her niece. Sexual abuses seems to run in her family. The fact that her family anted to keep it a secrets was surprising to me. However I understand that she comes from a different family then I do. The only way that I can makes sense of this situation is to think that the family didn’t want Ruth’s abuser to go to jail or for Ruth to get taken away. If the law was involved Ruth probably would have been taken away by child protective services. “Sexual abuse was rampant among Ruth’s family” (Fong, R., & Furuto, S. Eds.. 2001). Therefore I can also make sense of this situation and say that it was a social norm for her family to be abuse, so it wasn’t a issue when it happen.…show more content…
“A historical trauma response, identified among the Lakota, is a constellation of features associated with massive cumulative group trauma across generations and within the current lifespan” (Brave Heart, 1998, 1999a). After reading Ruth’s story I do not think that native Americans are the only ones affected by Dr. yellow Horse Brave principles. In Ruth story Dr. yellow principles are presented and also accurate. However I do not believe Native are the only one race that experiences Dr. Yellow principles. The world is diverse therefore I do not think that any principle could be held to one culture. However I do think that its possible to target a culture with a psychosis, but a clinical profession should never say that a particular culture only faces certain principles. An example is in the textbook. “A common diagnoses for natives include mood, anxiety, substance-induced, and substance abuse disorder”(Duran &Yellow Horse-Davis, 1997). This sentence is correct but it used the word common, meaning that it may not always apply. If the sentence said Only Native Americans are diagnosed with mood, anxiety, substance-induced, and substance abuse disorder. Then it would be incorrect because it’s restricting the diagnosis to only one race. African Americans, Hispanics and many other races struggle with the same diagnosis as Dr. Yellow talks
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