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7. Ruth went through slavery to find the Will of God. In similar word to Dr. Hoffman the process of slavery is to remove the husk, the outer shell which represents immaturity, emotions, envy, and etc. Through service, it allows God to get to you to be who you were created to be. After Ruth 's oath, Naomi saw that Ruth was steadfast in her commitment and stop enticing Ruth to leave. In other words Naomi allowed Ruth to go with her to Judah. This also proves that God accepted Ruth the Moabitess and her oath. (Ruth 1:18) According to Oxford "steadfast" means resolutely or duitfully firm and unwavering. Some research say that Oprah (Hebrew for stiff neck, gave birth to four sons- Goliath and his three brothers. Based on scripture and research this…show more content…
If any thing was dropped such as bundles of grain, they were not allowed to pick it up. This accommodated the poor to work for their food and still maintain their nobility. God always made provision for the poor and stranger. Boaz obeyed this commandment proven in (Ruth 2:8-9). According to gathered research and scriptures proves that Ruth the Moabitess was accepted by God. Ruth was also accepted by God 's people, Naomi was a woman of God as well as Boaz being a true Man of God. Boaz names means "a man of great wealth." So here 's Ruth, a widow and stranger asking for Naomi 's permission to go glean in the fields to find grace. According to Vines 'to find" is a Hebrew word (mass) meaning "to find, meet, get." As I mentioned before favor also means grace. Ruth was giving permission from Naomi to go glean in the fields. The fact that Naomi allowed Ruth to find favor in the sight of man, proves that Ruth was trustworthy. Scholar 's say that Ruth " happen or hap" to glean in the fields of Boaz ( Elimelech kindred. Which was Ruth faith of letting the Lord lead her. Ruth 's faith at work Take note of…show more content…
After hearing a good report on Ruth Boaz speaks from his heart, he calls her "my daughter," don 't glean in another field neither leave this one, but stay close to my maidens (workers). Keep your eyes on the field that they work in. I 've command them not to touch you and when your thirsty, drink what they have draw. (Ruth 2:8-9) In a since Boaz is instructing Ruth to do what he command and could also be a test of her loyalty. Ruth received the whole benefit package. She has access to any field that his workers are on, the status of his maids and protection. It was dangerous for foreign woman to be alone especially in the fields. Ruth 's Reverence to Boaz Ruth, who was greatful fell on her face and bowed herself to the ground. It was common for the inferior stature to show respect and reverence by falling prostrate on t he floor. It shows a inferior submission and loyalty.This also shows that Ruth had great respect for men, which was taught by Naomi. Boaz response shocked Ruth because she was a foreign and probably didn 't deserve what Boaz did for her. This is how God shows is love and acceptance, even when we don 't deserve God 's favor. He gives it to us because He wants to. Humbly Ruth ask, why has

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