Ruth Mcbride Challenges

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An Incredible Outcome In the book The Color of Water by James McBride son shares the troubles he had to go through while he was growing up as he also, shares his shares his mother’s obstacles and triumphs. Ruth McBride happens to be an American Jewish woman born in the 1920’s who encounters struggles growing up in the U.S where she didn’t seem to belong. As Ruth begins to grow she finds her own path to her life without her family obligating her to do anything. This brings her to marrying her first husband Dennis McBride. Later she encounters more troubles but her faith, and willingness keeps her going until the very end. Ruth’s life was not easy but she managed to outgrow each obstacle, and those obstacles are what made her…show more content…
Ruth was going through a rough time after leaving her mom sick and later finding out she had died. She had serious depression but Dennis was able to bring her back along with the faith he had in Christianity. Ruth was inspired by the way Dennis believed in God. Believing in Christianity gave her a reason to believe in forgiveness and this is how she is able to move forward with her life. Ruth states, “In Ruth’s early life she had to go through tough situations that ultimately shaped her to be the women she became (217)” She began to have hope in something bigger than her and this pushed her to get on for her life for her and for Dennis. “I started to become a Christian and the Jew in me began to die (218).” She felt as if her life as a Jew died when her mother died and this is because the only thing that held her back as an actual Jew was her mother. Ruth loved her mother no matter what and to see her go hurt her really bad, but believing in Christianity opened the doors for her future gave her something to hold on to as things were only going to get harder in her marriage. Being an interracial couple in the 60’s was not socially okay; infact they feared people would separate them at times, but they knew God would stay by their side and protect
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