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The Author, Ruth Minsky Sender, chose the title “the cage” , but why? Ruth is a survivor of the Holocaust, who wrote a book about her experience, and the different places she has went. So why did she title this book “the cage”? Let’s look into some reasons Sender may have came up with the title “the cage”. One quote that Sender uses often throughout the book is “As long as there is life, there is hope.”(Sender 253) The Ghetto, one of the cages that Sender talks about. The Ghetto is an area of fenced in land that is given to the jews and is only 2.49 square miles. That is not a lot of land when there are more than 204,000 jews living there. Aside from the looks of the Ghetto the people were not allowed out of the Ghetto very often, or…show more content…
At this camp there are thousands of people. There are huge barracks that are filled with bunks. “ We walk hurriedly into the huge barrack. It is filled with Triple-decker bunks. On most decks lie five shriveled bodies with hungry, horror- stricken eyes.” At the camps the people are forced to work, and are killed for not working, or not being able to work. The people were taken to gas chambers, beat to death, or just left to die. Often after a person died they would burn the body. “ It cannot be true what they whisper here, that people are being burned in there …”(Sender 164), Ruth does not realize that people are really being burned in the chymes, because they don’t tell the “prisoners”. When the camp feeds all the jews they make one kettle of soup. The bathrooms at the camp are simply holes in the ground. “ The toilets consists of a huge barrack filled with holes in the ground…”(Sender 158) Hopefully this helped answer the question on why Sender titled the book “the cage”. The reasons again are , the Ghetto, and auschwitz the concentration camp. Just always remember “As long as there is life, there is hope.”(Sender

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