Rutherford And Mack Mclsarty Interview

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During the interview between Skipp Rutherford and Mack McLarty there were more anecdotes shared then facts I would say. I believe that the stories made the event more colorful and set the tone to be very reminiscent. One story that really stood out to me was when McLarty discussed how he had to approach the president about Vince killing himself. One issue with this interview was that many of the stories shared regarded history from so long ago that I had no idea what they were talking about, especially since they did not use many details. So when McLarty brought up Vince, I immediately got on my phone and had to google who vince was, and what happened. Once I educated myself on the situation, I realized how emotional his story was. He shared that, because Clinton was oblivious to…show more content…
Listening to McLarty, it became clear that although him and President Clinton were close friends, he still saw Bill as one to be respected as more than a friend. He shared that he always called him Mr. President, because doing otherwise seemed like a disrespect to Clinton and his accomplishment as president. So when he said that before telling him about Vince, he clarified that the country was safe, I really connected the pull between Clinton being a friend and the president. There were many other stories that McLarty shared that showed his loyalty to President Clinton and Bill Clinton. I actually really enjoyed this interview, going into it I fully expected to be bored out of my mind, but I was pleasantly surprised. I did not realize that most of the individuals were friends before they all got their positions in the white house. It was just really interesting because there are so many emotions and tensions in the white house and to have to tell your friend something serious as a coworker rather than a friend cannot be easy, as McLarty
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