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Rutherford B Hayes He was instrumental during reconstruction and served as president from 1877 to 1881. He believed in meritocratic governance and was against racial discrimination. On October 4, 1822, Delaware, Ohio added Rutherford B. Hayes to its citizenry. His father's death preceded his birth by 10 weeks leaving Sophia, Hayes' mother, to raise the family alone. Rutherford's maternal uncle, Sardis Birchard, served as his father figure, enriching the formal education Haye's received through Delaware's public school system. After studying Latin and Greek at a Connecticut preparatory school, Hayes attended and graduated from Kenyon College in Gambler, Ohio. Hayes attended Harvard where he met Lucy Ware Webb, his future wife After passing the bar and recovering from an illness, Rutherford partnered with John W. Herron and opened a law office in Cincinnati. He also began courting Lucy Webb in earnest, marrying her in 1852 and having three sons over the next five years. It was Lucy, the only college educated First Lady of her day, encouraged Rutherford's anti-slavery position. At the same time, Rutherford's political reputation was…show more content…
Hayes promised to serve only one term, the electoral votes from four states were challenged and he won the presidency by only one vote. His election was so controversial that a bi-partisan Congressional commission had to decide his presidency. His official swearing-in ceremony was secret, held in the White House' red room with the public ceremony held later. His First Lady banned smoking and drinking in the White House, along with card playing and dancing. The Hayes presidency started the traditional White House Easter Egg roll. Hayes was the first president with a telephone and was the first president to visit the West Coast while in office. His belief in equal rights extended beyond former slaves with Hayes signing legilsation allowing women to argue cases before the Supreme

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